Premium Pomerol 2018

The gorgeous Château Evangile

Quite consistent, too. by Panos Kakaviatos for 26 April 2019 Pomerol was excellent in 2018. Akin in consistency to Saint Julien. Especially cooler terroirs, with more clay and less sun, or at least those wines made with especially careful winemaking, succeeded best. And where it did succeed, it counts among the very best that […]

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Pomerol 2016 from bottle wins big

Including brands at $35-$55 per bottle (Bordeaux 2016 from bottle, part I) 4 November 2018 By Panos Kakaviatos for  Writing about 2016 from bottle, let’s start with Pomerol, an appellation that is often better now in bottle than it was from barrel in April 2017. This small appellation of some 150 estates is not […]

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