Greetings readers and many thanks for visiting my website wine-chronicles.com.

I am still maintaining Connections to Wine but will be posting all new content in these pages. My name is Panos Kakaviatos and I have been a published wine writer since about 2001. Since then, I have organized wine tastings for hotel restaurants mainly in Germany but also in the US and elsewhere (once in Dubai, with Mouton Rothschild).

Wine is much more than about point scores and evaluations. It is about the people who are associated with it, the regions where it is made, the anecdotes – sometimes amusing, sometimes less so – that you experience.

Above all, it is about conviviality and stories. Or solitude. The cliché is that wine is meant to share with friends. Of course that is probably the best way to enjoy it. But how often do you enjoy a glass (or two) on your own?

Wine Chronicles is about communicating stories about wine – and around wine. Wine Chronicles will share stories from other bloggers and wine lovers, too, to reflect what long has been turning into a worldwide passion. Online groups such as #winelovers flourish. More people are educating themselves, formally or not. And more people are buying and drinking wine. So in addition to my texts and tasting notes, you will find links to other blogs – at least that is the idea.

Wine writing, guidance, judging and tours

Where do I fit into this picture?
For years, I have held a professional passion about wine, writing articles in internationally recognized media such as Decanter, Harpers Wine & Spirit, Wine Business International, Wines & Vines, France Today, France Magazine and others. My writing ability was developed as a news agency reporter, primarily with the Associated Press. More recently, I have been associated with Europe’s premier human rights organization The Council of Europe, where I work in media relations.

My contractual arrangement with the Council of Europe permits me to pursue my wine passion – and I have most recently been organizing wine tasting dinners as an educator and participated as a judge in international wine competitions, from Shanghai to London.

I am available as a judge for other wine competitions and can provide clients – from restaurants to individuals – with cellar consulting. As an experienced wine steward, I know how to manage a restaurant cellar.

Another service I can provide for you is tour organization, especially for the wine country I know best: France.

If any of the above interests you, please send me an e-mail at panos@wine-chronicles.com or message me via Facebook or Twitter.

I encourage all wine lovers to follow me on Facebook and Twitter and to look out for updates on this website. I plan to post a wine of the week each week for example as well as new photos from Instagram.