Bordeaux 2014 in barrel: Bargains from Lalande de Pomerol

By Panos Kakaviatos for Wine-Chronicles.Com

26 May 2015


Faves? Well these are all Lalande de Pomerol, which can represent bargains for savvy Bordeaux fans. The better ones include an excellent Château L’Ambroisie du Château La Croix des Moines plus some pretty darn good ones, such as La Sergue and Château Tournefeuille

Wines in bold I liked particularly, when red and bold even more and when underlined, too, wine nirvana.

Lalande de Pomerol tasted blind at Grande Cercle des Vins de Bordeaux

Château La Sergue: Tasted blind. Red and black fruit aromatics. Fresh and smooth on the palate. Both juicy and flavorful. No feeling of extraction, yet there is structure. Medium plus body. Medium plus finish. Wow, first wine after the Saint Emilions and downright refreshing. 89-91+

Château Siaurac: Tasted blind. Darker robe. Questionable sample… Off aromas. They did not have another sample so judgment reserved.

Château La Gravière: Tasted blind. Again lighter and smoother than many of the Saint Emilions and yet not nearly as interesting as Château La Sergue, if still of medium flavor intensity and a good drink. 88-90

Château L’Ambroisie du Château La Croix des Moines: Tasted blind. Rich and structured at the same time. Quite an “on-the-border” style with hints of oak. Yet dark plum and cherry are more dominant. Impressive juice! Full bodied and long finish. 90-92

Château Jean de Gué: Tasted blind. Oak derivation and somewhat flat as well. Nothing to write home about, I say… Not particularly aggressive but not expressive either. 86-88

Château de Viaud: Tasted blind. Greater aromatic presence than Château Jean de Gué, tasted just before. Chocolate flavors. Rich and coffee-grain like. Not bad! 88-90

Château Tournefeuille: Tasted blind. Minty fresh and chocolate. This is very tasty. Has sap and hardly aggressive. Delectable, with medium plus to high acidity that balances things. Nice job! 90-92

Château Grand Ormeau: Tasted blind. This is a bit drying. OK, enough juice I suppose on the mid palate, with medium body and a medium finish. 87-89

Château de Chambrun: Tasted blind. Juicy black fruit, fresh on the nose. Palate shows sap. Tasty. Verve. Maybe not as “complete” as Château Tournefeuille, tasted earlier, but pretty darn good. 88-90

Château Saint Jean de Lavaud: Tasted blind. This again shows some medium plus body, dark fruit rather intense flavors, a bit short on the finish… but overall, pretty decent. 87-89

Château Perron Le Fleur: Tasted blind. Juicy and flavorful. This almost bursts with candied juiciness. Somewhat one-dimensional; nevertheless a real pleasure without heaviness or over extraction. 87-89

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