Pomerol panache!

Seduction or power from Pomerol #bdx15 barrel samples: you pays your money, you takes your choice By Panos Kakaviatos for wine-chronicles.com 1 May 2016 Readers take note: Revised note for La Cabanne based on new sample The appellation as a whole is successful in 2015. Indeed, many writers have propelled Pomerol to the top of […]

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Bordeaux 2014 in barrel: Pomerol (very) pretty

By Panos Kakaviatos for wine-chronicles.com MAIN BORDEAUX 2014 BARREL TASTING PAGE Some of my faves: Petrus and Vieux Chateau Certain are the best of those I tasted, but also La Conseillante, Clos l’Eglise, La Fleur Petrus and Trotanoy are excellent I love this appellation. There is no classification, you see? No need for official hierarchies. You […]

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Bordeaux 2005: high tannin, freshness and balance

Some high alcohol Merlots in Saint Emilion annoy me, but most all wines yield balance and poise, with freshness and opulence By Panos Kakaviatos for Wine-Chronicles.com 3 February 2015 Special note: for tasting notes below, I use a simple system: When bold, I particularly liked the wine. If red and bold, even more. If red, bold and underlined: wine nirvana. […]

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