Bordeaux 2021 from barrel : the reds

Bordeaux faces stalling futures campaign By Panos Kakaviatos for 27 May 2022 One of the last red barrel samples I tasted from Bordeaux’s 2021 vintage this year was on location at Château Gruaud Larose, in late May 2022, where CEO Nicolas Sinoquet explained how much hard work was needed to craft the best possible […]

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Bordeaux 2021 from barrel: the whites

Make Acidity Great Again By Panos Kakaviatos for Updated 27 May with the reds A quick reference to tasting notes below. I had published my reflections on the white wines of Bordeaux on 13 May, which I think shine most in 2021. The reds are now online on a new page: HERE. With thanks […]

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