Ringing in 2019 with good vintages (not “great”)

By Panos Kakaviatos for wine-chronicles.com  11 January 2019 After an annual holiday dinner with wine loving pals – this year at the French embassy in Washington D.C. – the overriding theme was “good” vintages. Neither “off” nor “great”, but vintages that sometimes get overlooked by critics seeking to obtain fame with 100 point scores. And […]

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Madeira Magic

Nearly 175-year-old wine and more By Panos Kakaviatos for wine-chronicles.com 24 January 2018 Get set for a story about a special tasting experience of old and rare Madeira wines. While we won’t be boarding a 17th century sailing ship, the journey enters a wine time machine. Historical wine expert Aaron Nix-Gomez proposed a master class tasting of […]

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Port in the Winter

A snowstorm? Or just cold? Port is perfect! By Panos Kakaviatos for wine-chronicles.com  20 January 2017 So far, Washington D.C. has not seen excessively cold weather. But I have seen photos and videos from colleagues and friends in Strasbourg, France, with plenty of snowfall. And more than likely, Washington D.C. should see some snow. Port is […]

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