Bordeaux 2017 futures campaign: “underwhelming” and “spoiled”

With the permission of Liv-Ex 8 July 2018 Dear readers, I am enjoying some fresh summer mountain air in the Swiss Alps as I post this text, coming from the informed people at Liv-Ex. But before you read their rather dour assessment of the #Bdx17 futures campaign, just a few words I have heard from […]

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Mixed bag for en primeur Bdx17 sales

Interview with Sarah Phillips of  13 June 2018 A wine market specialist explains the challenges of selling Bordeaux futures in this 2017 vintage campaign. Prices are the key issue of course: Is it worth your while to lock in hard-earned money on wine that you will not see as a final product for up to […]

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Price-worthy Bordeaux 2014: Live-Ex weighs in

Special Report: Bordeaux 2014 – where is the value? Submitted by Liv-Ex in London 3 February 2017 As Bordeaux 2014 is released in bottle, Liv-ex takes a closer look at it in terms of price, quality and value compared to other vintages. 2014 is the first recent vintage that has not been reviewed by Robert Parker. […]

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